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OpenBSD -CURRENT has a video(4), a V4L compatibility layer... and uvideo(4) for newer UVC cameras.

If the layer you propose is incompatible, a lot of user land applications already written for Linux will go to waste.

I haven't read about your project in detail, but NTSC isn't entirely dead, it'll still be useful in rural areas.. and in Canada, it'll be around until at least 2011.

bktr(4) still had it's uses, your point about BSD not having things in kernel isn't entirely accurate either, OpenBSD for instance does not believe in kernel modules, while the functionality remains, it's not used by any kernel drivers. (I'm only aware of kqemu in ports that uses it..).

I'll read more about your project goals, but writing drivers for every tuner chipset sounds like a very daunting task...

Will the driver support *all* of the BSD derivatives? Without FreeBSD favouritism?
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