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Originally Posted by milo974 View Post
Hello, at work, we have openbsd 4.3 with pf and 2 network cards. Openbsd machine is configured as a gateway for our network (it provides internet to us).
I wish to add an antivirus (like clamav or others) on openbsd machine and so have an antivirus gateway. How can i do that ? I need to modify my pf.conf ?
I have 3 smtp gateways that serve 2 Linux Email Servers.
I use OpenBSD's spamd, Amavisd-New , SpamAssassin, ClamAV , DCC and Razor..

You will need to modify your pf.conf for spamd but if you look in the default (installed)
pf.conf ,the settings are there..
- There are a few more steps / tweaks but not difficult..

Spamd is well documented but if you want I can post my setup..

For the others, this what I followed /used.. it is a bit older and you need to make
a few minor changes..

I used the package system for this and found there are 3 items not
included in the package system
- freeze
- unarj
- unrar
These will need to be installed from ports...

This also uses Postfix as the MTA - not Sendmail...

DCC and Razor
I also added DCC and Razor using this:
DCC Link
Razor Link

These links are also older but the instructions still apply..

I did this on a test box first because getting amavisd-new configured took a bit of time..

My Steps
- Installed freeze , unarj and unrar through ports
- Installed amavisd-new through packages (this pulls in spamassasin and clamav IIRC.
- Once I was receiving email and sending email without issue
(check your maillogs for errors... big help as to what is going on..)

- After I was happy with system - I then added DCC and Razor

DCC and Razor are "activated" through SpamAssassin..
I had some trouble figuring where to enable them..
It is


Final Note:
After all this discussion with me and myself I will probably write a Guide on this as to not have
to remember all the steps...

Give this a shot first.. if you are comfortable on the command line and do... take some time reading
before the "cut and paste" it sure does help..

- I can't stress this enough... your maillog will really help you debug any problems you have..
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