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Hello again,

Thanks for your reply. My point with this topic is to decide what method to use to transfer files since both A and B will in the end occomplish the same thing; transfering a file from one location to another. I had thought I was clear that I understood that they are two seperate technologies. As is say PHP and ASP. They can probably do a lot of the same thing but one is probably better at some 'features' than the other. With that also note they probably can mingle together.

Forget that I mentioned I was already running FTP for a minute. Lets say I posted a message asking which would be a better solution for ME. FTP-TLS or sFTP. Now with that in mind (if you know) can you tell me what the advantages are and what the disadvantages would be? My end objective would be to transfer a file securely from one place to another. Is one more secure than the other? Does not only the login info but also the data get encrypted? Drawbacks? Possitives? Comments?

I was hoping that it might be possible to at least be able to forward credentials for SSH/sFTP to a SQL database, much like using a radius/AAA server for authentication (not related to FTP). It's unfortunate this is not possible.

Thanks for your help.
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