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Thanks for your reply jggimi,

Interesting comment. Sounds pretty decent for a standalone solution. The more and more I read I am beginning to realize that sFTP is not going to be a practicle solution for my requirements however. (unless you can suggest otherwise? --which would be awesome!)

Right now as indicated above I have a setup that relies off of SQL to hold authentication information. According to the above SQL is not compatible with sFTP(OpenSSH). I imagine with some work it could be "made" to interact with the database through a custom script or something of that nature but that would probably take a lot of work.

I am curious about your comment "it supports any number of authentication methods including Radius servers" --there isnt a chance you would know of a solution for my SQL dilema would you?

Also one of the big questions I have that remains is with TLS. What sort of encryption does it use? Is said encryption "strong" enough like ipsec or ssh?

Anyway thank you again for your input.
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