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Post HOWTO: Working Intel Graphics Card Setup

After minimal install of FreeBSD and adding the default x11 server package:
# pkg_add -r xorg

I ended with unfunctional 2.7.1 version of xf86-video-intel driver, that slows simple glxgears test to about 1 FPS, the sollution is to downgrade the
xf86-video-intel package to 2.6.3 version using portdowngrade:

# pkg_add -r portdowngrade
# portsnap fetch extract (omit if you already have Ports)
# setenv CVSROOT
# portdowngrade xf86-video-intel (select 2.6.3 version)
# cd /usr/ports/x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel
# make deinstall install clean
After these steps restart x11 server and enjoy working 2D/3D accelration on Intel graphics cards.

Tested on Intel Q35 motherboard with Intel GMA 3100, works like a charm.
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