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Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
For example, if you configure a zone file for and enter as A record, the caching nameserver will not do the traversal starting from the DNS root '.' , but will answer with the address from the zone file.
I'm assuming you are saying that could be treated as the local domain if the address of its nameserver is set to in named.conf. Where is this A record to be defined?
That is partially correct, they start their inquiries from the [a-m] servers from the DNS root '.' servers. The "." (dot) is the root of the DNS hierarchy, just like "/" is the root of a filesystem.
Okay, previously /etc/resolv.conf pointed to two (caching?) nameservers of the ISP to resolve all DNS queries. Is it worth and is it possible to continue passing all requests to these two servers except when resolving a fictious local domain?
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