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Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
Hmm. That one is not listed on the Antec site. Maybe its an EU thing. You should look as a minimum for compliant grommets to mount the hard drives; most Antec cases have them. Otherwise, they usually are pretty decent. I've mentioned that I like the P150/Solo (without PS); it is on sale here at Fry's for $69 at the moment. I know that's not an option for you.
Thanks DrJ

'compliant grommets to mount the hard drives' =

This is what it says about this case:

However, a review of this case says 'its a beautiful case, but its a little bit small for default mainboards. Thats why its a hassle with all the cables inside'.

Should I take a different case? From this page, which one should I take?

(I don't care about 'beautiful' or stuff like that, it has to be functional and next as cheap as possible provided it is quality).
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