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Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
It is called the Solo these days. Here's a link:
It is not the perfect case -- none is -- but overall it has worked out remarkably well for me.
Thanks DrJ

Could I ask what you have against the one I originally picked (well, actually, have been told is 'good enough' by the shop), this one:

Because the one you are suggesting is considerably more expensive.

You wrote:

This bothers me a lot. I like silent computers. Not everyone cares about this, but if you do, you should look to minimize case vibrations induced by the hard drives. One way to do that is to screw the drive to the case (or drive sled) through a flexible grommet. That lessens the amount of vibration that reaches the case. A more extreme, and very effective method, is to suspend the drive with elastic bands. The Solo models derived from the P150 do this, and it works very well. (They also have the soft grommet mounting method too.) The Antec you cited doesn't have suspension, but does have soft mounting.
Does this mean yoy feel the suspension is really superior to the flexible grommet (meaning: you think the flexible grommet/soft mounting is not enough?)

Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
Well, you are exploring rather fine differences between very similar products to craft something that meets your very personal requirements. You will get something in the end that really is better than a commodity computer made by one of the big manufacturers, but you certainly could have gone that route and had a good outcome. And you will have the benefit of knowing your hardware well, and why you bought it in the first place. That will help you to evaluate new things as they come along, and to fix problems as they come up.
Yes, you are right, yet, the thing is: I want to know the ins and outs of FBSD, not of my hardware

(It's the same as with my car: I bought it because it is top quality. I don't care what kind of 'piezo-injector' is inside it, I only want to enjoy driving it).

Two left now: the HDDs, and the case

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