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Old 1st August 2013
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Yes, that was a fantastic post. Saved it away.

I wonder about clang/llvm. I want something as far along as possible to try to learn the changes from C++11. I've been compiling it this week on slackware (the machine won't run OpenBSD yet). My first try, I went with the debug version (debugging info is good, yeah, especially since I took the tip of their source control) and ld wanted 3 GiB. Fine, but I gave up when the install (and object files I had left over) was going to take something over 10GiB. So this morning I started again with the "release" version and it's still building tonight. As my machines go, this one's not that slow (only 5 years old and multicore -- oh shoot, I forgot -j 3, oh well, at least the system's still responsive).

Has anyone ever manually built gcc? Is it the same?

Then clang needs someone else's standard c++ library, right? Plus it requires gcc to bootstrap. I guess these aren't showstoppers, but, I dunno, to me it almost seems like part way along the road to building something like GHC. Okay, maybe that's exaggerating.
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