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Default Firefox, Craig's list and mailto:

I cant seem to get Firefox to play nice with mailto links.
There are plenty of tutorials out there on google, the boards etc. If played around with prefs.js, applications, etc but just no luck. Here is the scenario.

I am using a small window manger (currently pekwm, but could also be openbox,hacked box, mwm, etc) not GNOME, or KDE. Firefox 3.6(latest 3.6 in ports?)

I have tried 2 different email clients, thunderbird and sylpheed.
If you setup sylpheed in apps for example, clicking on a mailto link opens sylpheed just by itself, no compose window.

If you do it as stated in below FAQ, nothing happens. (--compose) (Q14)

Similar luck with thunderbird, probably 6 months ago.
Has anyone had luck with this, and not using gnome or kde?
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