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Originally Posted by lvlamb View Post
FAQ Upgrade Guide: 4.2 to 4.3 has some answers
I will check it out..

Another annoying one (among many others) is that some packages rely on /usr/X11R6/lib/ which on current is /usr/lib/
(had such a problem with x11/roxterm and the databases/evolution-data-server not upgrading from 2.12 to 2.22).

No big problems as you can symlink a library to the next one (in most cases).

Read the corresponding library file (the one ending in *.la) for hints.
This I did not know.. thx

-current code just got changed after the Japan hackaton, now busy including code from the Edmonton hackaton.
If you are not a seasoned -current litterate, stay away from -current for a while, until dust settles.
I don't do upgrades on ports /packages but I decided to step out of my comfort zone (-stable) and try -current..
Realizing that there are many new things I would have to learn..
That being said.. I will probably just hold off until then..

In OpenBSD, when you pkg_add -u (or make update), failed and/or left-overs of installations will be written as hidden files under /var/db/pkg
mostly libs, hence

ls -dl /var/db/pkg/.lib*

which you can pkg_delete as any other package, but these are there for a reason: some packages still rely upon and are listed as usual under

/var/db/pkg/.lib* /+REQUIRED_BY
I will also look a this..

So, you have two choices (as the economists say, 1,2,3

1- Take the long (learning) way, pkg_delete the offenders (+REQUIRED_BY) and pkg_delete the ls -dl /var/db/pkg/.lib* when they are not needed anymore (no mere +REQUIRED_BY).

2- Delete all packages, re-check the FAQ upgrade entries

3- As I say in many cases, best upgrade is newfs.
I am going for option 1 here..

This situation is very exceptional on OpenBSD, but as any other *nix, there has been a major gettext/libiconv change.
I guess July will have both correctly snapshots and snapshots/packages on the fast track again.
I am so totally impressed with the "minimal discomfort" of upgrading and
what a stellar job the OpenBSD devs have done..

I *never* do upgrades on anything.. Always reinstall..
As previously stated.. that was my comfort zone..

On a speculative note, as libc is marked with version 45, will there ever be an OpenBSD 4.4
If the hackathon codes keep coming in in such high numbers, next version could as well be the 5.0
I can go home now.. as I am not learning anymore today..
My brain is full...

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