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jggimi is aware of so, I join him when he writes OpenBSD 4.5

My speculation is that there now are so many changes a sequential increment of the version number would not be sufficient to get noticed, hence users not reading upgrading or warnings.

My upgrade (<U> choice) last weekend with -sbapshots as of June 3rd and snapshots/packages as of June 7 was made through
pkg_add -ui
and my system did not break: thumbs up!
But I had in excess of 25 /var/db/pkg/.lib*

Edit: right, forgot:
made a fresh install on a WS (sole )
updated ports tree (and make index, just to mention, x11/pbrowser core dumped because /usr/ports/INDEX was corrupt. Must be one of the rare apps reading the INDEX and INDEX is not updated very often. Anyway, just use pbrowser for browsing the tree and get noticed of flavors).
still had the problem an had to make a link to
da more I know I know I know nuttin'

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