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Originally Posted by NetBSD View Post
Firstly: what's up with this "modular" stuff? Can you install modular vs monolithic Xorg/XF86?

Secondly: Am I blind or isn't there a page somewhere detailing the actual installation of Xorg/XF86 on NetBSD and not just this configuration?
XFree86 and XOrg until 6.9 release work as a single binary file (monolithic program) XOrg starting from 7.0 works as many independent programs (modules). If one of modules fails for whatever reason or is not needed it can be left out without the harm to the rest modules.

Best way to use X on NetBSD is to use XFree86 with 4.01 and in install it during the OS installation.

Starting from 5.0 version XOrg 7.3 or 7.4 will be default X window installation for NetBSD.

It is possible to use XOrg on earlier versions as well by compiling from source but not recommended unless you really needed it (specific driver or 3D). Building ports to use XOrg on version 4.01 would also require some
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