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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
After dd completed the boot-device was set to disk1 and I rebooted. However, when OpenBSD came up on wd1 it mounted everything as read-only.
While I haven't added a second disk to my U10, the behaviour described is as I would expect. In this regard, sparc64 acts the same as i386. J65nko is correct. OpenBSD was installed on wd0, & dd(1)'ed onto wd1. Even though the boot order was changed in OpenBOOT, OpenBSD's boot sequence determined that it was coming up on wd1 while wd0 is found in /etc/fstab.
I've used dd before on Solaris to duplicate boot drives, but 'm unsure why it didn't work this time with OpenBSD.
Perhaps Solaris stores the mapping of physical drives or you have forgotten a step. Although I haven't played with (Open)Solaris in quite some time, I don't see what would be gained by storing such a mapping, but then, I freely admit that I don't know Solaris either.
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