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I'm assuming that bugs and security issues would be reacted to more quickly in certain Linux distributions (Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu) than they would be in FreeBSD or NetBSD... Isn't that correct? I'm figuring that the best way to install FreeBSD or NetBSD would be to go for a minimal installation, like Fluxbox and a lightweight browser. It keeps everything tidy and small, and there aren't all the security issues happening from having 500 packages installed. That's not really what I want, since I use *BSD or Linux (for now) as the only operating system I have. Windows bores me to death, but one day when I buy a new computer it'll come with Windows installed, obviously. I like using Windows, but I hate learning about it. I like using Linux/*BSD and I like learning about it. But all the security issues and the slow fixes of them on NetBSD and the very slow compilation and installation time on FreeBSD and NetBSD are really making me use Fedora. I want GNOME and everything and constant security updates and bugfixes. I like the BSD's, but I don't have Windows and I'm only using open source operating systems right now, so I really need Fedora to have everything and not have to wait for updates or live with the security problems when I have 500 packages installed like I do when I use Fedora (which I'm doing now).
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