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Slackware and Debian use elvis, most others use vim. RH has vim-enhanced and vim-minimal.
As for bin/sh and POSIX, I'm not sure it's always the case. When I'm ensuring that something is portable, I either ssh into my BSD machine or use dash, created by Debian, I think but avaiable for others, which seems to be closest to sh. For instance sh (in Linux) will support $UID (which is like id -u, gives the UID number) which can mess you up if the script is also going to be used on AIX.

As for me, after the job change, I figured I could either moan about it every day, or get used to it. I'm happier getting used to it.

It's nice to be able to type yum -y update and walk away. (On CentOS, made for the enterprise, not on Fedora--on Fedora, that's like doing portupgrade -a and walking away--you might get away with it and you might not.)

My biggest complaint about RH systems is how Gnome-centric they are--for example, several things, including sound, are tied to ConsoleKit which is a Gnome-ish thing.
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