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Default Anyone running an OpenBSD email server ?

Just curious.. I think most of yall are FreeBSD centric..

Have been toying with the idea (a couple of years ) to move from my Linux
email server to running one on OpenBSD..

What I need
- MTA -- postfix - the easy part
- IMAP - my linux box uses Cyrus-Imap (maildirs) My knowledge is very limited
- Webmail - must support SSL -- Looking a RoundCube
- Spam - Filtering - have already enabled Amavisd - SA - OpenBSD spamd - and Razor on
3 of my smtp gateways.

I guess I just need the Cyrus and Roundcube parts then..

any links (helpful ones.. ) on these two ?
I have just started my reading on Cyrus (OpenBSD does have packages for these)

I will also check the email posts on the old forum..
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