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Originally Posted by roundkat View Post
Just curious..

What I need
- MTA -- postfix - the easy part
- IMAP - my linux box uses Cyrus-Imap (maildirs) My knowledge is very limited
- Webmail - must support SSL -- Looking a RoundCube
- Spam - Filtering - have already enabled Amavisd - SA - OpenBSD spamd - and Razor on
3 of my smtp gateways.

I guess I just need the Cyrus and Roundcube parts then..

I use Dovecot for POP and IMAP, with PostgreSQL as the user authentication backend. I haven't set it up yet, but do plan to use Roundcube.

I have some sloppy notes on the setup which i plan to clean up at some point. Let me know if you try Dovecot and run into issues.
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