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Originally Posted by Mako_Elite View Post
Why using ports???

"pkg_add" works fine. In most cases packages works just nice. I did not came across
yet that I need use ports on OpenBSD.

If I remember correctly packages are preferred method to install in OpenBSD.
The ports system is one of the things I like best about FreeBSD. I started using FreeBSD 7 years ago and in all that time I've only used packages to install programs a handful of times. OpenBSD not having portupgrade, portaudit, and portmaster is what put me off when I used it before and the reason I went back to using FreeBSD then.

Originally Posted by rocket357 View Post
Additionally, it should be pointed out that all the ports system does it build *packages* and install the packages. Unless you have some strange requirement (build options, etc...) that aren't default, or whatever, you really should use packages. In fact, there's an option you can put in /etc/mk.conf to have ports fetch the appropriate packages and only build packages it can't find in your $PKG_PATH. I forget the option off the top of my head (something along the lines of FETCH_PACKAGES?).
I've been using:

# make package BULK=Yes
to build packages from ports then installing them by that method and that's been working well. I've got all my programs installed now doing it that way, have got all my music and videos transferred over to my new OpenBSD box, and already been using it to go online and find some OpenBSD wallpapers so I can post a screenshot.
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