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Default NFS time outs

Hi folks!

My NFS server are running with FreeBSD and my clients are running with Linux. My problem is mysterious NFS server timed outs.

When I mount FreeBSD's NFS share to my Linux client everything work fine, but after couple minutes inactivity NFS totally freezes. If I transfer data from server, it never freezes.

This is mysterious because FreeBSD server still responding to FreeBSD clients.

Linux client's fstab entry:
ogawa:/share /media/ogawa nfs rw,soft,intr,tcp 0 0
FreeBSD server's exports entry:
/share -alldirs -maproot=root -network -mask
Log entry when Linux client freezes:
Jan 17 11:31:40 sakai nfs: server ogawa not responding, timed out
FreeBSD – FreeBSD => working
FreeBSD – Linux => not working

Is there something special what have to do when mounting FreeBSD's share to Linux?

- trilog
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