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Originally Posted by adamk View Post
I am surprised that the emu10k1x chipset didn't work with OSS. What is the output of 'ossdetect' ?
ossdetect responded with a null hardware response. The driver went into the kernel without a problem, but BSD refused to deal with the hardware. I heard someone compare this problem to the one experienced by Winmodem users.

At any rate, I pulled the sound card and replaced it with an inexpensive one from Staples. It's a Diamond board, using I believe a CMI chipset. Whatever the case, using the various tests and procedures mentioned earlier in this thread, I was able to get this card working in BSD, and Windows XP adjusted fairly quickly as well. The funny thing is though, at least according to the system diagnostic, BSD is using two driver modules to control this card: one modules for WAV output, and another for MP3 and OOG. Strange, but it appears to be working well, so I'm not going to tinker any further.

Thanks to everyone in this thread who responded. You've all been a great help!
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