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Default Japanese in OpenBSD

Well, I'd never gotten around to this in 5.6, but I finally got a chance to try Japanese input in OpenBSD. Something doesn't seem to work quite right--the input program, ibus, doesn't seem to get its hot keys to work correctly, and there's probably a place to change it, but it seems that anthy, which I'm using as the backend, has its own shortcuts. (It makes me wonder if mozc does too, and if that's why I'm having issues in FreeBSD). I had to edit anthy's setup to get ibus' to work the way I wanted.

Anyway, although I'm sure there are better articles around, I figure I'll add instructions to my Japanese input page. Does anyone here use Japanese with OpenBSD? If so, what desktop do you use?

I should add, if anyone's curious, it's at, just search for OpenBSD-5.7 on the page.
(EDIT) Well, after 13 years, I finally put in a table of contents so you can just go to the OpenBSD section.

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