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Originally Posted by ai-danno
And remember... you get what you pay for. If you pay for nothing, expect nothing.
Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
Does that apply to operating systems too?
Good question! I would have to say "Absolutely".

Imagine how much more awesome OpenBSD would be than it already is right now, if only every user donated money to the project. It's development is hindered by lack of funds, bemoaned in the mailing lists on a regular basis (and rightly so.) In fact, OpenBSD devs will warn you not to expect anything- because if you have a problem with OpenBSD expectation fulfillment, your choices are to code, donate, or shut up.

And in terms of my company's relationship with Redmond (because I can only speak from my perspective on this), they have earned every penny we've paid them by now (we've yanked on their support heavily.) Of course, YMMV, but at home I'm posting this on a 7 year old XP installation.
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