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Thank you Oko.

I saw a video of Alexandre Ratchov about sndio where he demonstrates some functionality: mainly midi-triggering and automation with midi controller (mix tables, faders) and midi files, syncing audios apps.

The part I am more interested in is the jack functionnality: interconnect hardware and/or audio/midi applications.
It is my understanding that sndio doesn't expose audio interfaces so it seems that it doesn't have the flexibility jack does. For now?...
midish on the other hand, allows you to remap and redirect midi event.
Btw, what is aucat? Is it sndio ancestor? Why is it still in the base system?

As a newcomer, I am carefull not to rush to the mailing list. I will try to use OpenBSD more and more for all my needs and keep the real questions for the mailing lists.


Edit: As for flash and wine, my plan is to keep a spare Debian laptop.
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