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That was indeed an interesting conversation. It might be hard to realize now in 2015 how visionary was Manuel Kasper to use HTTP as UI on the network appliance 12 years ago. I have heard of m0n0wall spiritual child OPNSense before and I saw the developer talking on BSD now. Mistakenly I attributed fork to political differences with PFSense crew and never realized that there were technical motivations for PFSense since they will be still using obsolete FreeBSD version of PF which in practical terms has been rewritten on OpenBSD in the mean time. In that e-mail exchange some valid technical points were raised. While I don't plan on switching from vanilla OpenBSD to OPNSense I concur that I learned some tricks of trade by studying PFSense configuration files and documentation so I expect to do the same by studying OPNSense.
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