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Default Integrating GUI into the OS?

I see a lot of complaints about modern X desktops not supporting BSD or having broken BSD support by using Linux-isms etc.

The below is not so much a request-for-features, as a general direction in which I hope at least one of the BSDs go:

> I would really wish BSD folks had and maintained their own full-featured X desktop environment which doesn't use Linuxisms and which is feature-rich enough to work similar to modern X desktops on Linux. i.e. compositing, managing peripheral devices with better desktop integration of features such as mounting and unmounting of devices, power management, network management etc. - all done in a cleaner BSDish way rather than hacking at Linux tools like console-kit, policykit, dbus etc.

> I also wish that peripheral hardware support (e.g. usb webcams, scanners, fingerprint readers) etc. improves in BSD. I mean drivers coming out for BSDs as quickly as drivers are developed for the Linux kernel.

> Also a larger collection of software that's written by BSD folk for the BSDs. You cannot forever expect Linux app developers to keep writing portable *nix code. Apart from the BSD userland, almost all the software used on BSD right now are PORTed apps from Linux userland, some of which work well, others which don't due to reliance on Linuxisms.

I agree that a lot of this is due to lack of manpower, but I suspect it's also due to lack of interest in getting the BSDs on desktops. So as much as I'd like to adopt BSD for my desktop, I am unable to do so for the above reasons. If BSD got that unique identity beyond userland and kernel, it has to stop relying on the Linux world for its application base and then complaining that Linux developers don't make their code portable across other UNIX-like OSes.

To me, in the long run, if BSDs can be considered as true-general purpose OSes (i.e. fit for mainstream destkop use as well as servers) the above points may need to be addressed.

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