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Originally Posted by roddierod View Post
So then by "modern Operating Systems" are you saying just GUI desktop integrated into the OS? And that this inherently better for such computing?

If so, wouldn't this approach effectively give *BSD user even less choices on the desktop since now you can only have the one desktop, I'm saying one because given the limit resources now if the GUI can't be a separate layer now everything is going to have to vetted by the core developers.

It would seem to me that only a commercial company can pull off something like this because of the time and resources, in which case we are back to OS X.
I'm not saying that. But certainly for desktop systems, a tighter integration between OS level functionality and the user interface (graphical in this case) seems to be the key to relieve the users to focus on actual productive tasks. Linux is currently using abstraction layers/services to achieve this, while keeping the OS and GUI separate. It appears not to be appreciated by BSD developers for reasons already gone into.

Maybe one of the BSDs can achieve this in a cleaner way. As you say OS X is a commercial product for a closed hardware system and it cannot be used on hardware other than that produced by Apple Inc, legally.
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