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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
  1. Kernel Mode Setting for Radeon is in -current, and will be included 5.5-release.
  2. All that is needed is Radeon firmware and a -current system. No special action is needed for supported chipsets.
If you are a -current user, see this entry in the Following -current FAQ which described actions for -current users to take when KMS for Radeon initially became available. There, you will find a link to the firmware.

If you are unfamiliar with -current, all you need is the firmware and the latest snapshot, but before using it, please review FAQ 5.1, which explains the flavors of the OS.

Note that at this time, -current is in beta test for 5.5-release. When the Beta ends, 5.5 will be tagged and frozen; -current will then move beyond it.

Edited to add:

Upgrading from 5.4 to -current requires a significant effort. If this is a test system, installing will be easier. See
Thanks for the link. I missed that in the FAQ because, I'm not running current since this is my first install. My confusion was reading the man page for RADEON(4) for OpenBSD5.4. I was just confused because the 5.4 man page references KMS boolean options. But, the -current man page reference 5.4 boolean options as default -current options. That lead me to believe KMS was supported.
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