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So, I have deleted the wd0g and now I have a simple situation - just about 6000MB of free space at the right side of the NetBSD slice.
But... in (linux) fdisk there is no an option to resize a partition!!! (Or, at least, I don't see it, neither under "x", that is, under "extra functionality, experts only".) Only to delete a partition, or to add a new one. Oh, yes, there's also an option to "create a new empty Sun disklabel", as well as to "edit BSD label". But, when I try the second one, I'm being said that "there is no *BSD partition on /dev/hda". The same when I run fdisk on that particular (NetBSD's) partition. On the other side, cfdisk does have options to resize or move partitions, but, it seems that neither of these options is available for Sun-ufs filesystem. Futhermore, there is an option to edit it (to "edit this BSD disklabel"), but, when I try it - the program crashes (bug in the program)! So, how can I increase the slice!?
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