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Originally Posted by gillindu View Post
Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean by "197179503" (both sizes and offsets already are displayed in sectors), but, there certainly is some overlapping among the slice's subpartitions. But, it has been so since the very beginning, I have never touched either of them (a, b, c, d, or h), that's how NetBSD did it during the installation (and I've saved the original disklabe and fdisk output)
I got 197179503 by adding the size to the offset of a:, and subtracting 1, to get the last sector of the BSD-partition described by a: . Maybe this overlap is another example of the wonkyness of the install program's default selections? I'm coming to the conclusion that any default partitioning offered by install should always be checked with a fine tooth comb and probably done over by hand editing.

Maybe the NetBSD stuff should be backed up and re-install? With careful consideration of the disklabel at install time? .... if I'm not missing anything and there really is overlap.
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