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Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
You will need both of these. First delete the old partition (the one that is the whole NetBSD slice).

Then add a new partition at the same slot and location. That is, it should start at the same offset, but the size should be bigger as you wish.
This time, I would do it with the correct size, to cover all a+b+h (and now also the future g) space, that is - to include also the part that has been missing from c since the very beninning. What do you think about?

Be sure to be working in sectors. And make a note of the new offset and size since you will have to put the same in the disklabel.

I would never use these. If you want to edit disklabels you should use the appropriate tool from the BSD in question.
For certain, neither would I either... in normal circumstances. But now, I've only wanted to see...
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