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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
honestly think that without proper packaging system Slack with all its qualities is just a hobbyist system.
Do remember Oko, in the early days of Linux people had to build their own OS out of bits and pieces and hex edit their boot blocks in some cases just to get a Linux system working off their hard disks.

Slackware is probably the oldest remaining distro, if anything else is close, I would have to guess it is Debian or RHEL. Slack comes from a early point in the distro-hell compared to most of the newer ones. From way back when there were few serious distro around -- and not pissing off the hobbyist was probably the most important factor. Or should I say, very very very very very very far from what Ubuntu is today, and probably from a time period where running GNU/Linux would've made running 2.9BSD or 4.2BSD on a VAX, look a quick lunch instead of a weekend project ;-)
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