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My .02 addition to what have been said, USB live installation of 5.2 is probably the best bet. If for some reasons you're not going to follow that line, i'd like to say that desktops, compatibility wise, should be less of a hassle than laptops, and yet puffy plays well with alot of laptops imo. All depends on how new/free the components are. I won't be able to give a model number etc. as models as pointed out by OPs change quickly nowadays. So my advice is go with HP or Dell, then cross reference their spec sheets on their websites with that list is quiet extensive and upto date. More specifically I've been using SSDs with OpenBSD with no concern at all, I don't think you should worry that much about that, second for HDMI you have to either test, check the mailing list and avoid Nvidia. Again with the major brands online, the worst case scenario you can return with no hassle. Just avoid anything that's clearly unsupported, and stay clear of the very new graphic chipsets. I installed OpenBSD on a wide variety of computers, and for amd64 my personal experience tells me to go with whatever the major brands sell avoiding anything too new (say less than 6-9 months). Also on undeadly there was a talk of opening up the dmesg db or something along that line IIRC. I don't think Theo is ok with sharing the dmesgs afaik, but some people/vars do build/sell computers targeting OpenBSD, that could be very helpful for you if you dig around and peek at dmesgs. Let us know what you decide to buy afterall and how it goes.

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