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Default Is 3d acceleration available with Intel GMA 3100 (AM64)?

Hi All,

Had tested FreeBSD on my old desktop (Athlon 1.1Ghz with 512MB Ram) and is very happy with the OS. However the current mainboard is giving some weird issue, occasionally it fails at the BIOS startup.

I'm planning to build a new budget desktop PC running on FreeBSD 7.1_REL AMD64. Since Dual Core price is dropping, I will likely goes for the cheapest Intel Dual Core 2200 CPU.

The Desktop PC is mainly for web surfing, email, Internet Messaging and some C++ using VIM.

The mainboard I'm looking at is Asus P5KPL-AM /PS and Gigabyte G31M-ES2L. Both have on-board Intel GMA 3100 GPU.

Tried searching on google, mailing lists and forum. XF86-video-intel driver from ports appears to support 2d acceleration, and compiz fusion does run. But there isn't much information on 3d acceleration for this GPU. Most information is pertaining to i386 version too.

Will like to find out how if 3d acceleration is possible with this on-board GPU, or at the minimum is Compiz Fusion possible on this GPU with 7.1_REL (AMD64 version).

Any comments on this will be much appreciated. Will be nice if anyone having similar Intel GPU and running AMD64 share their experience.

Thanks in advance.
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