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Originally Posted by Nureo View Post
...Maybe to put on FAQ something like...... is not a good recommendation, because it is not a really spacious place for that ...
You may be right. While it isn't my FAQ, and I do not control its contents in any way, I will consider writing a patch to add clarity to that clause, and submitting it to the Project for their review.


  • You can add unallocated space for the ports tree or for the port object directories as new filesystems.
  • If you do not have unallocated space, you can resize existing filesystems through backup, restructuring, restore
  • You could also backup, reinstall, restore.
  • And while it is not recommended, with careful assignment of environment variables, the tree (or portions of the tree) can be deployed in other directories. See the man page.
That same FAQ chapter also states (my highlights in red)
In general, you are highly advised to use packages over building an application from ports. The OpenBSD ports team considers packages to be the goal of their porting work, not the ports themselves....Building a complex application from source is not trivial....In addition to having all the pieces work together, there is just the matter of time and resources required to compile some applications from source. Applications such as Mozilla products or KDE may take hours and huge amounts of disk space and RAM/swap to build.

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