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Your definition of a "virus" is what maybe shadowy, don't forget that Trojans and Worms (even malware/spyware/whateverware) and other types of "infections" out there for ALL types of software, including phones, yes they use software as well, as a matter of fact you can say that almost EVERYTHING with electronic code *could* be at risk.

There have been "outbreaks" of infections on Apples since November of 2007, it's tech history in fact, shit, MacOS DOES NOT EVEN TURN ON THE FIREWALL BY DEFAULT (even if that did help much...).

There is over 6 different producers of "antivirus" software for Macintosh's, EXPECT them to be "common" as more and more people (macophiles) whom pretend that the sales guy who sold them their PERSONAL COMPUTER (teehee) knows anything about it besides the price and what colors are in stock.

One of the Macintosh's at work got infected (worm of sorts we believe), it was flooding one of our TCP/IP printers out with traffic trying to infect it ... MAN you should have seen the macophiles face when 3 IT personal come to your office to take away your Mac because its INFECTED (and return it with a freshly updated OSX install and the newest versions of the required software of course) TEEHEE again ...

they would not become common on whatever OS I switched to.
I hope that part of the sentance makes you think a bit more about what you are really trying to say, i cannot interpet correctly so i will not try, i DO hope that you do not think that any type of software is safer than the other? its called an L-User error, it happens between the mouse and keyboard, usually causing MOST of the problems known to IT/Tech

That said i am not referring to you, I as others, have progressed/evolved into using OpenBSD and such for the sake of _insert your reason here_, this took MUCH time and trial/error/bs, but i must state that i personally REALLY like what OpenBSD can help you do for your servers/network.

P.S. i am not owning/running any Apples right now, sold my lastest MacBook (white) about 1 month ago, i do have a VMWare virtual machine with OS 10.6.2 running for testing/support/analytical purposes.
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