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Default Elinks vs Daemonforums


Is there anything special (e.g. compression) with daemonforums? Among many websites and forums, this is the only one I've ever seen that elinks fails to display. I can reload as many times as I want, it always says OK (on the status bar) but displays absolutely nothing. When I check the page's HTML source, I see a normal header from the DOCTYPE up to some point in the CSS code, and then it's completely garbled, as in:
        color: #FFFFFF;                                                                                                                                            
        text-decoration: none;                                                                                                                                     
.vbmenu_hilite a:hover, .vbmenu_hilite a:active, .vbmenu_hilite_a*o*&***`%.,:^**n*.d*E[N@*B**...-.**.****C&w!,'.a*6*.?*|.b*.i*&**Gm`*.*c.O.s****$*..*S*glq.#.q@~*n.
*g*^    `%2}&0*3-.*I*.*.|2f3ulRr.**X*c..*.(".A*n.hh**.*]****.***.*.*N**Wcj]*******;******C*6 **..****~**-t...P.*z.O4.***YD'Æ***V****u                              
.Y.[A***?*;***%*v**     .*.\fw*[sK*m..m+N**^**aM**M:*'****c.*.;~bO.&.*                                                                                             
*+hn*5*/*N&****W.**a*.*$**j.**.*+x.q**{\O!!**g*%*O*@.*:Z.*F**Y***.-zR6*n        ,9$MrC***O**%*o**h*.**>**E<6e*]z*.*5.***bd6***.xLl*|H*'******l..M*k*.*.**b.!*$*p.o*
And it goes on like that...

All other browsers, whether graphic or text-based, display it normally.

Anyone having the same problem? Anyone has an explanation or suggestion?

May the source be with you!
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