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Lightbulb pop-up and/or email notification of zero-reply threads?

How about option to get instant/hourly/daily notification of zero-reply or unsolved threads after there are a certain number (like 25) unanswered? Some other (though larger) similar forums do this and it increases activity. Though I started in freshman college computer science (CS) with *BSD Unix, I mostly use newer (but strictly Unix-like) Free/Libre/Opensource Software (F/LS, OSS, FLOSS) operating systems (OS) these days (apart from some *BSD virtual private servers, VPS) but just have to repair a couple servers, setup one with KVM switch, at which point I can add another, and most will run a *BSD Unix... so I'd like to be able to get in habit of seeing what people ask and seeing what I can answer... even if I may not have done something much recently, maybe I will in coming weeks, or just seeing the topic will make one remember and be able to answer... some of us are on so many forums now we don't always check this one to see what we might be able to help with, but if we got a pop-up and/or notification email with summary, we might...
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