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It's very hard to say what might be going on with the information provided so far.


If this problem is related to hardware configuration, then knowning your particular make/model of hardware may be helpful -- sometimes problems are reported which discuss a specific computer, laptop, even motherboard.


One method for capturing information about what is happening during the reboot while the kernel probe is underway is to set up a serial console -- you may or may not be able to do this in your environment; FAQs 4.15 and 7.7 discuss serial console setup; 4.15 is specific to the boot process

Setting UKC> verbose can sometimes help determine which probe actually is failing. Typically, the kernel messages we see during normal boot appear after a successful probe completes. Setting kernel output to verbose may indicate which component is causing the problem .... and capturing that with a serial console may be necessary if it goes by too fast on screen.
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