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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Note; Accidentally forgetting to install the X sets is a bit stressful.. if it's early in the installation, respectfully consider reinstalling..

If you're willing to following FAQ 4.10, there may be some additional steps to configure X..

1) Edit /etc/sysctl.conf, find the machdep.allowaperture entry.. uncomment it, make sure the value is set to 2.
2) Make sure /dev/xf86 exists:
# cd /dev; sh MAKEDEV xf86

There may be some additional steps, but I can't think of them at the moment.. feel free to reply back if you have any more questions.
Why do you need to reinstall anything. Even if you did install OpenBSD without X and you changed your mind it is not a big deal You can simply boot from the RAM Disk or your original CD and just choose (U)pgrade?
The rest is trivial. Just follow the script and will let you install any additional sets you fancy.
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