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'emulating other os'

can mean many things when people are not sure of what you mean.

For me, it means simulating the look, feel, behavior, and design of another operating system -> for example GNU/Linux are made to resemble UNIX.

For you it could mean running an operating system within an emulator, which has jack-shit to do with operating system superiority -> it is to do with emulator superiority ^_^

For some it might mean things like the support for FreeBSD, Linux and Windows ABIs.

If you need to build a custom kernel to get the wpi driver working, you'll need to -> someone here might know if there is a lkm option or not.

FreeBSD 7s GENERIC kernel configuration has the msk driver compiled in.

It is no problem to remove devices from the kernel config that you don't need when building a custom kernel, just remember you may have to recompile the kernel if you ever get one of thoe devices.
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