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Red face Failed Again?

Okay reinstalled FreeBSD.

Updated ports. installed xorg drivers minding not to install i810. Then when I run the install for xorg. It run into the the x810 problem. Though I left it unchecked, it is installed as a dependancy for the intel-video-driver.

I started again, installed FreeBSD. Updated ports, and such. made sure I unchecked the intel-video-driver...then installed latest xorg.

It taken a age to complete.

Used Xorg -configure then Xorg -config /root/

Same result.
I even copied over to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and tried startx. Nothing.

Okay some newbie questions here.

Is there any window manager I need to install before I run X. What I mean is am i starting X and there is nothing there to run.

In other words what do you do when after installing FreeBSD.

Login as root, then what. And at what point do you start the X server running.
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