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Default [Help] Making the desktop in [BSD 7.0]

I currently asked at freebsdforums
I downloaded all 3 CDs from

Being it the official? site i figured these disks would be legit.
So i spend a couple hours finally installing FreeBSD and all of the packages that it comes with. and the GUI is a really only Apple Macintosh ****in User Interface. I have 2 login consols and a lame ass analog clock.
everything is light grey and green. there is NO GUI what so ever. no menu nothing just 3 boxes and an analog clock.

Please tell me that there is something im not installing correctly. or a package or something i missed. because the third time i did it it actually included a **** load of packages. and not a single thing changed.
I got this reply
Freebsd by default does not install a "desktop", in actuality
typically a "window manager" running on top of "X". Both
of the latter are usually configured by user preference, and
being highly customizable, IMHO people spend so much time
on customization, that there is no time nor reason (unless
asked ) to do it for others, who might not want the same.
Nevertheless, simple guides for configuration exist manyfold
on the web. Peruse maybe or the other
similar sites... and the archives of the freebsd-questions
mailing lists for *specific* questions you may have.
other distros have desktops (for instance this afternoon I booted
up a Freesbie machine (running XFCE (i think) on freebsd 5.3) )
so my question is, how do i go about making the desktop. and will it be long and hard? point me to a tutorial or some possible books.
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