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Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
Holy crap, that sounds tedious.
I last installed FreeBSD over a year ago but UEFI was handled automagically, albeit without ZFS; did the installer attempt to create an EFI system partition itself?

I wonder if the "EFI system partition (ESP)" could be a FAT formatted USB thumbdrive with some minimum set of files to get UEFI up then it redirects booting to continue from the otherwise independent ZFS-based system?
If the FreeBSD .efi loader is placed on an EFI system partition on a USB under /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI (BOOTIA32.EFI for 32-bit systems) then your UEFI firmware should start it automatically — that is how the FreeBSD installer itself boots.

Whether the FreeBSD .efi loader will find your ZFS root on another drive is another question entirely and one that you are in a much better position to answer than I
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