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I would be interested in seeing this script that you used/wrote for ImageMagick, if you are willing to share it.

---is in the shell.
, But which shell, ? I use ksh , in any event it would be interesting to me
to see this script, what I have in mind is for 2 directories, Images and a sub dir, "thumnails".
If you do share it, it probably would be best in it's own topic, here in programming,
For example: Ksh , Image Magick resize script ,... or something like that.
At this time I manually make the thumbnail using the convert command, but 1 image at a time. A script that could do the entire image dir would be handy.

For me my favorites, I think I all ready said once, but any way Perl, was bash, but now ksh I like much better, qbasic, was, but that was a long time ago, it is not of much use any more.
PHP, I hate, but it is necessary to understand at least a little, after all said and done I am
not really any kind of programmer, it is all a hobby for me.
My best friends are parrots
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