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Default any DNS experts?

I've a website of many characters
if it were it would be illegal, too many characters.

When I revise it on weebly and publishes it, it publishes to
Someone working on this problem at reported it working.
I got an 'untitled' and a blank page.
so I republished [ the editor >> republish ] it, and it
again networks timeout
Attempting to load http://www. which of course is too many characters.

It has an A record of * and another of @ but a www. is disallowed in the
add A record dialogue.

If all that makes any sense to someone not a newbie such as I as the
problem, maybe a solution could be posted here or I should just
wait out a solution appearing or not...
Not very important anyway. Which is why I'm posting here and not
for now paying for a resolution.
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