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My only at-now wish list for Xorg is that it_and_its_dependencies do not
bump so often.
Maybe some of the posters above who are disillusioned would benefit from
the below information. ( this is from a file I put in /xorg-server/, I hope
it is accurate. Assumption... an upgrade to any of the ports means most
or all should be rebuilt for stuff to work smoothly. That all *if some* must
be rebuilt (I assume, ) is the reason for my wish-it-bumps-less-often above.
That is all of course on this system, others may have other reasons (ati,)
AFAIK the below is the one-then-the-next upgrade of ports order...
kldunload nvidia (obsolete here maybe because of the nouveau driver recently installed)
kldload nvidia ( "" )
( glclock, mesa-demos, glxgears, testing)...
(ignoring xorg.conf, that is another issue)

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