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Geeze, all I had to do was reboot my router and everything came back online. I didn't think that would be necessary simply by changing the cable modem.

I don't have a /etc/mygate file.

The reason my gateway was showing as was because I connected my WAN NIC to my LAN switch to make sure it was grabbing an IP from DHCP, which it did. When I connected it back to my cable modem it grabbed the WAN IP from my ISP but for some reason kept the gateway IP of my LAN NIC which is rather than updating to my ISP's gateway. is the IP of the LAN NIC in my BSD router which is also my DHCP server and obviously the gateway for my LAN.

Once again, thank you everyone for your help. Even though the solution was extremely simple I actually got to learn something through the troubleshooting process.

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