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Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
The policy that users with fewer than five posts can't post with hyper-links is a bit awkward.
For new members, it is only a temporary inconvenience. Once the first five posts have been made, the enabling of posting URL's is automatically added.

In fact, we administrators monitor new member posts anyways. Once a new member has established themselves as legitimate (usually within their first few posts...), we manually change their account settings such that they can post URL's before they have posted their first five posts. I enabled your account to post URL's after your second post if you are so interested. I noted this in that message:
One of the side effects is that it forces several whimsical low-content posts before significant information can be posted.
This is not the behavior we have seen in the aggregate. The temporary blocking of posting URL's is a policy we have chosen as it helps combat spamming. Historically, spam has been a significant problem, & we have thus become very vigilant in eradicating it.

We apologize that our five post limit is an inconvenience to newcomers, but in our experience, it has been an acceptable policy given the aggressive maliciousness of spammers.
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