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Originally Posted by philo_neo71 View Post
i have a problem about gnome-shell !!
# pkg_add -v gnome-session
Error from
550 gnome-shell-3.4.1p4.tgz: No such file or directory.
Can't find gnome-shell-3.4.1p4
Can't install gnome-session- can't resolve gnome-shell-3.4.1p4
--- gnome-shell-3.4.1p4 -------------------
Can't install gnome-shell-3.4.1p4: not found
Emphasis added above.

The error message output comes from FTP itself. In manually checking pub/OpenBSD/5.2/packages/sparc64, the file gnome-shell* does not exist.

Per Section 15.2.3 of the FAQ:
Note: Not all possible packages are necessarily available on the FTP servers! Some applications simply don't work on all architectures. Some applications can not be distributed via FTP (or CDROM) for licensing reasons. There may also be many possible combinations of flavors of a port, and the OpenBSD project just does not have the resources to build them all. If you need a combination which is not available, you will have to build the port from source. For more information on how to do that, read Using flavors and subpackages in the Ports section of this document.
Not all possible packages can or are built. If you want this package, you will need to build it yourself. The first thing you will need is to install the ports tree which is located at /pub/OpenBSD/5.2/ports.tar.gz at any of the mirror sites. Studying Section 15.3 is essential information you will need to first understand.

Yet as has been earlier stated, OpenBSD 5.3 is to be officially released 1 May 2013. If you want to put in the time now for practice, you can gain from the experience, however, 5.3 should be available within the week.
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